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Title Card

The Original Adventures of SuperTed was Superted's official debut on television

Using his special magic word and with the help of his best friend Spotty, they work together to foil the evil schemes of Texas Pete, Bulk and Skeleton.


25 Biggest Ever Video EpisodesEdit

1. SuperTed and The Stolen Rocket Ship (1982)

In the very episode of the original SuperTed series,Texas Pete, Bulk and Skeleton sabotage three astronaut's mission to travel deeper into space that any man has ever been and hijack the fastest space rocket on Earth. Can SuperTed and Spotty get it back?

2. SuperTed and The Inca Treasure (1982)

Trouble is afoot in South America when SuperTed promises a museum cureater that he will find treasure in the strange temple of the Inca's and Texas Pete wants it for himself.
3. SuperTed and The Elephant's Graveyard (1982) Texas Pete and his gang try to steal Ivory from a huge elephant's graveyard, but they don't count on SuperTed and Spottyman stopping them.
4. SuperTed and The Train Robbers (1982) Texas Pete steals a train and it's cargo of chocolate while SuperTed and Spotty are on a skiing holiday in the Alps.
5. SuperTed and The Giant Kites (1982) Eggs have being stolen from the rare Giant Red Kite birds by Texas Pete, Bulk and Skeleton and only SuperTed can stop them.
6. SuperTed and The Pearl Fishers (1982) Texas Pete forces the inhabitants of the Caribbean islands to find valuable pearls. SuperTed and Spottyman come to the rescue.
7. SuperTed and Nuts In Space (1982) Texas Pete steals a rare shipment of nuts on it's way from Earth to the planet Polly.
8. SuperTed and The City Of The Dead (1982) Texas Pete, Bulk and Skeleton decide to rob a cursed temple, but little do they know what surprises lie in store for them.
9. SuperTed at Creepy Castle (1982) A girl contacts SuperTed telling him that her father has been kidnapped in a haunted house. But it turns out to be a secret hideout where Texas Pete hides his loot.
10. SuperTed on Planet Spot (1982) SuperTed is staying with Spotty and his family on Spotty's home planet. However Texas Pete goes there too with hopes of stealing the special cosmic dust to resurrect Western legend Billy the Kid.
11. SuperTed at the Funfair (1982) Spotty is ill and it's up to SuperTed to rescue a boy who is kidnapped by Texas Pete while lost in a funfair.
12. SuperTed and the Gold Mine (1982) Texas Pete takes over a gold mine and precedes to steal all that's inside it.
13. Bulk's Story (1984) The terrible Trio relax round a camp fire and Bulk recalls a story of how they came together in the first place.
14. SuperTed at the Toy Shop (1984) While trying to find a gift for Spotty's birthday, SuperTed finds Texas Pete robbing a toy shop.
15. SuperTed in the Artic (1984) SuperTed is called for help when Texas Pete is hunting Wooly Mammoths.
16. SuperTed and the Gun Smugglers (1984) While SuperTed is taking a Beach holiday, Texas Pete is smuggling weapons in an underwater hideout.
17. SuperTed and the Lumberjacks (1984) Texas Pete is up to his old tricks by doing constant lumber work that is threatening wildlife inhabitants.
18. SuperTed and Mother Nature (1984) SuperTed has to rescue Mother Nature when Texas Pete finds her magic cloud and starts controling the weather with it.
19. SuperTed and the Pothole Rescue (1984) SuperTed has to rescue someone who is trapped underground.
20. SuperTed kicks up the Dust (1984) When Spotty donates some cosmic dust to an arabian museum, Texas Pete makes an attempt to steal it.
21. SuperTed and the Gorilla (1984) The evil trio kidnap a gorilla as a moneymaking sideshow attraction but not if SuperTed has anything to do with it.
22. SuperTed and the Great Horrendo (1984) Texas Pete poses as a magician called "The Great Horrendo" at the seaside to steal children's valuables.
23. SuperTed and Trouble In Space Part I (1984) Spotty's family are on their way to visit SuperTed. But Blotch gets lost in space and while SuperTed is trying to save her, Texas Pete takes over the Space Station leaving our hero drifting in space.
24. SuperTed and Trouble in Space Part II (1984) SuperTed is rescued by the Spotty family and they head back to the Space Station. Texas Pete however ties them up and sends them hurtling towards the sun where Blotch is also heading. Can SuperTed with his amnesia rescue them in time?
25. SuperTed In ChinaTown (1986) Texas Pete, Bulk and Skeleton attempt to break into a bank but instead blow a hole in the restaurant kitchen where SuperTed and Spotty are eating.

NOTES: The order of these 25 episodes to which have appeared on the Biggest Ever Superted Video in the mid-1990's.

The 11 Other EpisodesEdit

These 11 other episodes of the Original Adventures of SuperTed did not feature on The Biggest Ever SuperTed Video, but appeared on other video releases.

SuperTed In Texas (1986)

SuperTed is called to Texas Pete's hometown of Texas where the villain is doing some dangerous cattle rustling.
SuperTed Goes Round The Bend (1986) SuperTed buys a car to help Spotty learn to drive. However Texas Pete steals it as a getaway car.
SuperTed and The Rattlesnake (1986) In an attempt to cheer Tex up, Bulk and Skeleton steal a rattlesnake as a pet for him, but SuperTed is on their trail.
SuperTed's Dream (1986) SuperTed has a strange dream that he is still an ordinary teddy bear and Spotty never saved him. But worst of all Texas Pete did who is married to Skeleton and gives him to baby Bulk as a present.
SuperTed and The Crystal Ball (1986) Texas Pete steals a gypsy's crystal ball and disguises himself as a fortune Teller who gives SuperTed a disturbing false prediction.
SuperTed and The Whales (1986) SuperTed finds a stranded whale seperated from his family who he tries to find. Meanwhile the evil Texas Pete is trying to catch them all.
SuperTed Meets Father Christmas (1986) Texas Pete is posing as Father Christmas to steal children's presents. Can SuperTed stop him from ruining Christmas?
SuperTed and Tex's Magic Spell (1986) Texas Pete steals SuperTed's spotty teddy bear and peforms Voodoo magic on it.
SuperTed and the Magic Word Part I (1986) SuperTed's Tree House is bugged after a prank transmission by Texas Pete who sends Bulk to listen for SuperTed's Magic Word.
SuperTed and the Magic Word Part II (1986) Bulk now knows the Magic Word and has transformed into Super Bulk. SuperTed has to stop him before he reveals his secret to Texas Pete.
Spotty and the Indians (1986) Spotty's rocket has crashed and he finds an interesting tribe of Spotty Indians.



  • Derek Griffiths and Roy Kinnear in Watership Down
  • Victor Spinetti and Roy Kinnear in The Princess & The Goblin

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