The Biggest Ever Superted Video is Tempo Video release by Abbey Home Entertainment in 1994. It contains 3 hours with intergalactic fun with 26 episodes.


  1. Supersafe with Superted
  2. Superted and the Stolen Rocket Ship
  3. Superted and the Inca Treasure
  4. Superted and the Elephant's Graveyard
  5. Superted and the Train Robbers
  6. Superted and the Giant Kites
  7. Superted and the Pearl Fishers
  8. Superted and Nuts in Space
  9. Superted and the City Of The Dead
  10. Superted at Creepy Castle
  11. Superted on Planet Spot
  12. Superted at the Funfair
  13. Superted and the Goldmine
  14. Bulk's Story
  15. Superted at the Toy Shop
  16. Superted in the Arctic
  17. Superted and the Gun Smugglers
  18. Superted and the Lumberjacks
  19. Superted and Mother Nature
  20. Superted and the Pothole Rescue
  21. Superted Kicks Up the Dust
  22. Superted and the Gorilla
  23. Superted and the Great Horrendo
  24. Trouble in Space Part 1
  25. Trouble in Space Part 2
  26. Superted In Chinatown

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