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This wikia is based on the UK's famous superhero Teddy Bear SuperTed created by me, Daniel Macgregor.


SuperTed was a famous character in a television show created by Mike Young and Robin Lyons and produced by Siriol Productions.

It followed the adventures of an ordinary Teddy Bear who was defective in a toy factory and "threw away like a piece of rubbish" in a cold dark storeroom. He was found by Spotty, a spottyman from the Planet Spot who brought him to life with his cosmic dust.

He later was taken to Mother Nature, a kind fairy who gave him special powers that happen when he says his secret magic word. He whispers it when someone is in trouble and transforms into a red suit similar to Superman. He has superhuman strenght and special rocket boots that can take him at astounding speed. With the help of Spotty, SuperTed uses his powers to fight evil.

Most of this evil comes from a terrible trio of villains: SuperTed's arch-nemesis Texas Pete (An evil Texan cowboy), Bulk (A fat and scatterbrained nitwit) and Skeleton (A cowardly camp skeleton who wears blue gloves and pink slippers).

SuperTed has two areas where he lives with Spotty, his Tree House in the Amazonian jungle and his Space Station.

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