Supersafe with SuperTed

SuperTed with Spotty and Blotch teaching them Road Safety.

Supersafe with SuperTed was a short cartoon demonstrating the importance of Road safety.

Using Spotty's rocket, SuperTed takes Spotty and Blotch to the planet Earth where there is a lot of traffic there to teach Spotty about Road Safety and recalls what happened on the planet Spot.

Spotty was walking down the kerb with SuperTed and suddenly noticed Blotch on the other side. He just carelessly walked across without looking both ways or listening for the traffic and almost ended up being hit by a speed rocket.

But SuperTed whispered his secret magic word and rescued him in the nick of time.

The rocket finally arrives on Earth and SuperTed tells Spotty and Blotch the precedures of Road safety:

  1. Find a safe place to cross where you can see clearly both ways. (Don't get behind anything such as a bus)
  2. When you're ready to cross don't stand too close to the edge of the road.
  3. Look both ways and listen.
  4. If there's anything coming you mustn't try and cross.
  5. When you're sure nothing is coming walk carefully across the road. (Don't Run)
  6. You must continue to look and listen for any signs of traffic untill you are safely on the other side.

SuperTed finishes with the message to the viewers saying he can't be there to save them especially on the planet Earth. Because after all he is only a cartoon character.


Here is the well known cartoon that all fans remember.

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