Superted and the Gun Smugglers was the eighteenth SuperTed episode which was broadcast on BBC1 in 7 November 1984.


Something sinister has been frightening the fish off the west coast of Wales…confirming Spotty’s very worst suspicions about the Salty Earth Sea!


  • Derek Griffiths as Superted
  • Peter Hawkins as The Narrator & The Coastguard
  • Jon Pertwee as Spottyman
  • Victor Spinetti as Texas Pete
  • Roy Kinnear as Bulk
  • Melvyn Hayes as Skeleton
  • Sheila Steafel as Woman from the Cottage & Panicking Boy on the Seashore.


  • The Submarine and The Boat's theme to the Series 2 episode, Superted and the Gun Smugglers, & the Series 3 episode, Superted and the Whales.
  • The Creepy's theme to the Series 1 episode, Superted at Creepy Castle, & the Series 2 episode, Superted and the Gun Smugglers.

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