File:Superted Complete Series 1-3 DVD.jpg
SuperTed Complete Series 1-3

Directed by

David Edwards

Written by

Mike Young
Robin Lyons

Created by

Mike Young


Derek Griffiths
Melvyn Hayes
Roy Kinnear
Jon Pertwee
Victor Spinetti
Sheila Steafel
Myfanwy Talog


Peter Hawkins


Abbey Home Media (UK)
Roadshow Entertainment (Australia)

Release Date:

16 June 2008 (United Kingdom)
3 November 2011 (Australia)

Stock Number:



276 minutes


U (United Kingdom)
G (Australia)

SuperTed Complete Series 1-3 is DVD release in UK on 16 June 2008 then The DVD release on November 3 2011 in Australia.


Join the ultimate cuddly crime-fighter Superted, and his loyal sidekick Spottyman as they take on the evil power of Texas Pete and his bumbling goons Bulk and Skeleton. This is the complete collection of the BAFTA award-winning SUPERTED adventures.


Disc 1Edit

Season 1Edit

  1. SuperTed and the Stolen Rocket Ship
  2. SuperTed and the Inca Treasure
  3. SuperTed and the Elephant's Graveyard
  4. SuperTed and the Train Robbers
  5. SuperTed and the Giant Kites
  6. SuperTed and the Pearl Fishers
  7. SuperTed and Nuts in Space
  8. SuperTed and the City of the Dead
  9. SuperTed at Creepy Castle
  10. SuperTed on Planet Spot
  11. SuperTed at the Funfair
  12. SuperTed and the Goldmine

Season 2Edit

  1. SuperTed at the Toy Shop
  2. SuperTed in Texas
  3. SuperTed in the Arctic
  4. SuperTed and Trouble in Space Part 1
  5. SuperTed and Trouble in Space Part 2
  6. SuperTed and the Gun Smugglers
  7. Spotty and the Indians
  8. SuperTed and the Crystal Ball
  9. SuperTed and the Lumberjacks
  10. SuperTed's Dream
  11. Bulk's Story
  12. SuperTed Meets Father Christmas

Disc 2Edit

Season 3Edit

  1. SuperTed and Mother Nature
  2. SuperTed and the Magic Word Part 1
  3. SuperTed and the Magic Word Part 2
  4. SuperTed and the Pothole Rescue
  5. SuperTed Kicks Up the Dust
  6. SuperTed and the Whales
  7. SuperTed and the Gorilla
  8. SuperTed and the Great Horrendo
  9. SuperTed Goes Round the Bend
  10. SuperTed and Tex's Magic Spell
  11. SuperTed in Chinatown
  12. SuperTed and the Rattlesnake


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