TV Appearances

The Original Adventures of SuperTed (1982-1986)
Supersafe with Superted (1986)
The Further Adventures of Superted (1989)


Brownish Gold Teddy Bear with brown eyes
Red Superman like costume with yellow rocket boots (After saying his special word)


Brave, caring, helpful




Superhuman strength and flight


Texas Pete, Bulk, Skeleton, Bubbles the Clown


Space exploration, Games with Spotty, milkshakes, his Spotty Teddy Bear


Tex's evil schemes, Spotty getting into trouble


"I'd better say my Magic Word!"
"Bubbling Blancmange!"
"Rocketing Raspberries!"

SuperTed was an ordinary teddy bear in a toy manufacturer until he was thrown away for being defective and was rescued by Spotty who took him to Mother Nature and gave him special powers of superhuman strength and flying using his rocket boots everytime he whispers his secret magic word. He doesn't have to wear a spacesuit or helmet in space. He spends most of his time in two places that are his main headquarters. On Earth, he lives in a tree house, which is in the middle of the Amazonian jungle. In Space, he lives in his own space station. Both of them are shaped and have the image of a teddy bear.. If there is trouble, then people around the world can call him on his hotline and he will spring into action to help them. Texas Pete has used this for his advantage, by calling out SuperTed on hoax calls to ensure that he is nowhere near Tex and one of his dastardly schemes. He sometimes falls out with Spotty, such as the time he complained that he always rescuing Spotty, once he even had to save him from traffic because he didn't listen or look both ways. At night he sleeps with a spotty bear. His first ever appearance was in the Original Adventures of Superted episode: SuperTed and the Stolen Rocketship.

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Backstory Edit

At the toyshop this is a story about the teddy bear he was made they found somethings wrong with him and throw him away like a pease of rubbish and into the old dark store room then from out of space a spottyman named Spotty brought him to life with his Cosmic Dust and he took him to a magic cloud when Mother Nature gave him a special powers that bear became SuperTed.

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Main article: SuperTed/Gallery

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