Skeleton is exactly as his name, a skeleton that is alive and moves around, which is quite astonishing seeing as he has no other body parts such as a heart or lungs.

His main objective is to have a happy and quiet life. But being one of Texas Pete's henchmen ensures that this does not happen. He is what you would call a complainer and is always expecting something terrible to happen (which in most cases it does).

Skeleton is the most softhearted of the team and the most cowardly, one particular part of this is shown when he is afraid of heights while he is helping Tex rob a toystore by climbing on the ridges of skyscrapers to get to it. He is always wearing blue gloves and pink slippers and sleeps in a coffin. He classes Bulk as one of his friends, but cannot say the same about Texas Pete, who is always bullying him into doing bad things. He has trouble keeping himself together and is always going to pieces (literally).

He was voiced by Melvyn Hayes.


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No one knows much about Skeleton's past, although in the episode Bulk's Story, Skeleton was found in an abandoned house by Tex and Bulk who had just broken out of prison and joined the gang

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Skeleton assists Texas Pete along with Bulk in their schemes. He isn't too fond of dark and desolate places and often complains. He is scared stiff of SuperTed whom he refers to as the terrible teddy and is often knocked to pieces by Spotty or most often loses some of his bones.

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The Further Adventures of SuperTed:

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Melvyn Hayes who voiced Skeleton is best known for his role as Gunner/Bombardier Gloria Beaumont in It Ain't Half Hot Mum and he also voiced another villain named Dolf in another animated series called Alfred J. Kwak.

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